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Dr Elaine Smith
Clinical Psychologist & Business Wellbeing Consultant


Where You Can Bank on Mental Wealth

Helping leaders in corporate organisations improve employee mental health and enhance psychological safety in the workplace

Leaders in a Compassionate Workplace

With 15+ years experience of working in mental health, clinical training to Doctoral level and 5 years of running an established private practice, you know you are in good hands. 

Deloitte's systematic review of research concluded that for every £1 spent investing in Mental Health in the workplace, the average return is £4.20 

(2017 Thriving at Work - Stevenson/Farmer Review) 

Working towards a world where mental health and wellbeing at work is at the heart of every company ethos. Where people come before profit. We can help you lead the way. 

Typing on a Computer

Digital wellbeing products designed specifically for your business, available on demand. From posters to presentations, we can deliver high quality digital products to support your employee wellbeing vision. 

Why Work With Me?

About Dr Elaine Smith

Creating a culture where people LOVE to work

I help leaders in corporate organisations improve employee mental health and enhance psychological safety in the workplace.

I deliver my Creating Compassionate Workplaces workshops both virtually and in person (live or pre-recorded). We also offer bespoke digital products tailored to your business needs. 

My brand new self-study, online course for leaders is getting ready for launch. You can sign up here to make sure you are the first to know.  

Another exciting venture for 2024, is the launch of Think Resilience Corporate Retreats, with my co-founder, Scott Smith. Check out our website here

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