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Dr Elaine Smith is a Business Wellbeing Consultant and Psychologist specialising in corporate wellbeing, providing training and consultancy services to leaders in financial services. Her private psychology practice was established in 2018, and she has since worked with a range of clients and organisations. Elaine is trained to doctoral level in Clinical Psychology, having previously graduated with BSc Psychology and MSc Forensic Psychology. 

Elaine grew up in Edinburgh where she gained early career experience in several large banks, including a number of Human Resources departments. She then returned to psychology, securing a job in the prison service as her first practitioner psychologist role. Elaine went on to qualify with a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology in 2016. Her journey through psychology has now come full circle, returning to her passion for workplace wellbeing.  



Elaine now combines her interest in business and mental health, with her clinical and personal experience, to develop mentally healthy workplaces. 


She understands the significance and impact that leaders and line managers can have on mental health at work. Elaine has supported line managers and employees to manage difficult conversations and navigate mental health disclosures and the implementation of reasonable adjustments at work. She has witnessed first hand the real life stories and circumstances that determine if an individual stays in their job or decides to leave. Elaine refers to the 'golden opportunity' that line managers are often presented with when an employee is struggling with their mental health. The opportunity to offer human to human compassion and to listen without judgement. Elaine has found that this is often a missed opportunity as line managers often feel anxious or 'unprepared' to talk about mental health in this capacity. 


This is where specialist mental health and wellbeing training for leaders and line managers becomes crucial for businesses who want to take their wellbeing strategy to the next level. We create and deliver programmes especially for leaders in financial services to improve business performance, overall wellbeing, retention and employee engagement.  


We take pride in getting to know your company culture and understand any specific challenges in relation to employee mental health and wellbeing. This knowledge helps us to help you, and provide a bespoke package of training to meet the very human needs of your employees, while also taking into account the wider business landscape.  


Consider us a one stop shop for employee mental health and wellbeing. We assess, create, then deliver the training for your business. 

You can contact us today using the button below. 

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