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Creating Compassionate Workplaces
A self-study online course, for leaders who want to take employee wellbeing to another level.   

Are you an overwhelmed leader, looking for employee wellbeing solutions? We are rolling out the red carpet. 

A great leader can be life changing.

Don’t know where to start? Are you looking for a quality solution, amongst the sea of workplace wellbeing offerings?


You want to support your team, but you have a ‘to do’ list as long as your arm, and it is (ironically) stressful even choosing an employee wellbeing intervention. Where to begin? Who to trust? I don’t want you to get stressed out about meeting your team’s employee wellbeing needs.

Let me help you find your way. 


  • Leaders who feel confident supporting employee mental health and wellbeing

  • Leaders who are invested in their own wellbeing

  • Employees who feel seen, heard and supported

  • A workplace that is safe, proactive, and prosperous

  • Improved employee retention

  • Greater employee engagement

  • Employees shouting from the rooftops about working somewhere so supportive and nurturing

  • Overall employee wellbeing improved

The Team Learning Solution:
For Groups: 7 Day Access
Available now for immediate download!


Hello Leaders, CEOs, HR and Occupational Health professionals.

Do you need?

  • Access to a high quality mental health intervention NOW?

  • A training option for a leader development training, an away day or team building activities?

  • A training to bring your team together to discuss leadership, culture and mental health? 

Learning in a group can supercharge the experience:

  • Engaging in discussions to learn perspectives of others

  • Literally shifting the culture to one where mental health and wellbeing can be spoken about more openly

  • Generating ideas about best practice

  • Learning about each other, and practising compassion 

You can purchase the group option NOW, and have full access for 7 days from the date and time of purchase. 

For use in teams and group events. Workbooks are included. 


A fair usage policy applies. 


Say goodbye to stressing about finding a high quality intervention, and hello to Creating Compassionate Workplaces course. 

Slow, Steady, Self-Paced:
For Corporate Leaders | 1 Year Access

You can purchase this training per person, and have access to the course for 1 year. Each individual will receive their own personal login details. 

The VIP option includes:

  • A one hour online follow up session per organisation/group booking (to be booked within 1 year of purchase) for increased accountability, and for sharing real life changes and challenges.

  • Workbooks 

  • A personalised team video

  • Pre course consultation for the purchaser, to help you get the most from this training opportunity. 

Purchase VIP course here!

The standard option is available for purchase here.

The course comes with modular professionally produced video content (MUCH more than talking at slides).

Imagine your leadership team feels confident in supporting employee mental health and wellbeing, with clear expectations and guidance to follow. That’s what Creating Compassionate Workplaces self-study course offers you.
A blue graphic, which says Harnessing Psychological Safety at Work

Supporting  leaders to understand and implement strategies that help people feel included, able to speak up, challenge the status quo and learn best in the working environment.

A green graphic, which says Leader Wellbeing

Supports leader mental health, building self awareness and practical tools to improve mental health, engagement and productivity.

A blue graphic, which says Compassionate Leadership

Building skills to support leaders in bringing out the very best in their team. Teams led by compassionate leaders do better.

Leaders have so many golden opportunities to make a positive impact on the lives of employees. 

A glass of orange juice, with a fresh orange beside it

Creating healthy leaders, engaged teams and psychologically safe workplaces without going down a rabbit hole of questionable workplace wellbeing interventions. If others are diluting juice, this is freshly squeezed. 

Hi. I am Dr Elaine Smith, a Clinical Psychologist and Business Wellbeing Consultant. I help organisations to support leaders in fostering a mentally healthy workplace, where people LOVE to work. 


From working in prison, to various NHS services, I have now been running my private practice for 6 years. I have supported many clients through workplace struggles, and developed a deep understanding of mental health at work.


When I am not busying myself in a sea of research or seeing clients, I love to get out in nature, make my home a calm sanctuary, plus listen to inspiring podcasts. What did we do before podcasts? I love that there is a podcast on every topic you can imagine. My favourite topics are psychology, and business. Very predictable. 


I have travelled a long, winding path to become a qualified clinical psychologist. I come to workplace wellbeing with vast experience, and a professional qualification at doctorate level. Clinical Psychology training leaves no stone unturned. It is challenging and thorough, as it should be for quality care and for the safety of those we work with.


Over the years, I have worked with stressed corporate leaders, and helped them to find a fresh perspective in their work, while improving their ability to support others. I have worked with organisations to support mental health at work, and I am a professional member of the Work Health Hub, at Derby University.


I believe that engaged teams are the driving force of happy, healthy and successful businesses. I am here to support leaders to be the best they can be, building the compassionate workplace that you dream of.

Photo of Dr Elaine Smith

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