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Assertiveness and Boundaries: How to ask for what you want/need at work AND say no

You may have seen that last week, I led a workshop about this exact topic at the Women in Finance Summit in London.

I love this topic because it speaks to boundaries, assertiveness and psychological safety at work.

In a psychologically safe environment, we feel able to ask questions to learn or get our needs met, without fear of retribution.

When employees get their needs met, they are more likely to stay in the organisation. This is a win-win situation! We know that employee retention is a huge challenge for many organisations at the moment.

You might want to ask for a promotion, reasonable adjustments, a pay rise, or a new office chair. We are not usually talking demands for puppies and ice cream carts, but for very reasonable asks that will make your work life better.

I have shared the workbook I designed to take you (and/or your team) through some steps and ideas, to help build confidence around asking, and saying no.

Sometimes it is a seemingly small, actionable request that can make a real life difference to someone's life.

Please use and share this workbook as widely as you wish.



Asking for What You Want_Need and Saying No
Download PDF • 299KB

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