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Why Create Compassionate Workplaces?

Hello and a very warm welcome to my latest newsletter.

Spotlight on the Case for Compassionate Workplaces - Why Bother?

Or indeed, Why Not?

I wanted to share some compelling evidence with you. Throughout my career in psychology, I have often had to challenge assumptions around our work being ‘fluffy’. Thanks to my scientist-practitioner training, and the wonderful research available to us, we can present the facts. My work is evidence-based and thankfully we received fantastic training in critically evaluating research as well. What we consume really matters.

On that note, I wanted to share some research conducted by The Roffey Park Institute. They provide excellent business education to organisations across the world. They have an interesting history that you can read here

Research by Poorkavoos (2016) and published by Roffey Park highlights benefits of compassion in the workplace. Here is a summary of some findings:

  • Compassionate leadership improves employee engagement and retention

  • Compassionate leadership fosters commitment to the workplace and people are more likely talk about it in positive terms

  • Compassion benefits everyone involved - we feel good when we feel and show compassion. And we are more likely to show compassion when we have been shown compassion.

  • Work relationships are stronger, leading to reduced attrition rates.

  • Employees who feel cared for are more likely to experience higher job satisfaction, and they feel more committed to their jobs.

  • Compassion has physiological benefits, which reduces psychological distress and absenteeism

  • Compassionate leadership supports people in there recovery from trauma and grief

  • Compassion can be effectively demonstrated through small acts of altruism and kindness

  • Compassionate leadership is linked to increased employee resilience

There is a wealth of research and evidence, which focuses on how compassion improves the workplace, and indeed the world.

Compassion can be stopped in its tracks at work, depending on company culture and the leader’s capacity for compassion. That is why Leader Mental Health is also an important focus for my work. When we are stressed, we struggle to see past our own nose, and other people’s pain and suffering can feel completely overwhelming.

Cultivating compassionate workplaces is not rocket science. We need to set the stage, and nurture leaders to create the right conditions for improving mental health at work.

Do message me on LinkedIn or email me if you want to explore this topic further.



If you want to hear exciting news, keep reading below....

Exciting 2024 Plans

I am a Psychologist specialising in corporate mental health. I focus on the role of the leader on employee wellbeing.

My Signature Programme, Creating Compassionate Workplaces, has 3 key elements:

  • Leader Mental Health

  • Compassionate Leadership

  • Harnessing Psychological Safety in the Workplace

This self-study course will be available online this Summer 2024. There will be a workbook, plus the option of booking a live follow up session (online) to create space for real change and reflection.

My aim is to motivate and inspire leaders to feel proud of their leadership, and understand the ripple effect they have in the workplace.

For more information, you can message me on LinkedIn or email

In other VERY EXCITING news, I am launching Corporate day retreats with Scott Smith, who I met at the RBS Accelerator Programme. Our new business is called Think Resilience Ltd. We knew almost instantly we would team up and combine our skills to offer this amazing opportunity to leaders across many different sectors.

We are working towards our launch in Summer 2024. The retreats offer a unique package including outdoor adventure (tailored to you), corporate mental health sessions, plus ending the day in a luxurious 5 star spa.

We are based in stunning East Lothian, and there are additional extras available such as luxury transport and 5 star accommodation for anyone travelling further afield.

For more information, you can contact us or We would be delighted to talk to you if you are thinking of a unique and meaningful corporate retreat.

Our website is in progress, and I will share the link as soon as we have it. You will be able to register your interest and we will keep you updated.

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